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Gyroplane Insurers

When a Gyroplane Pilot gives you a Gyropedia Authentication Code, validate it here:

Pilot/Instructor Authentication Code
(Pilots/Instructors - How to get your Authentication Code) Register and Login to the Gyropedia. On the main control panel locate the tool called "Insurance Authentication Report" and follow the instructions.
For Pilots, this report is in the Pilot Development Toolkit.
For Instructors, this report is in the Continuous Professional Development Toolkit.

Insurer Identification Code
(Insurers, How to get your Identification Code) Register and Login to the Gyropedia. When you register ask for an Identification Code in the notes or contact We will send you the details.

IAPGT Certificate Validation

To validate the authenticity of an IAPGT certificate, enter the serial number of the certificate:
The Gyropedia. Developed to support the IAPGT Initiative

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